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Outside Disneyland, a Reminder for Governments to Be Careful What They Wish for

BY John Buntin

Cities have become increasingly focused on doing whatever it takes to attract large corporations. But it's hard to govern a one-company town. Just ask Anaheim.



Why There Are So Many Bad Sheriffs

In a job with tons of power and practically no oversight from voters, law enforcement or politicians, corruption can be easy to get away with. BY

The Four-Letter Word Changing Daily Commutes

Paying an extra toll for rush hour driving isn’t a popular idea with many motorists. But its time seems to have come. Is it here to stay? BY

How ‘Service Design’ Is Changing the Way Cities Work

New York City is betting that it can learn important lessons from the way the private sector runs. The bet is starting to pay off. BY



A Whopper of a Court Case: Can Citizens Sue States?

In a handful of states, they can't. A lawsuit involving Burger King was supposed to settle the debate in Arkansas. BY

After Wildfires, Housing Crisis Complicates California’s Rebuild

In a region that values open space, the idea of expanding the housing supply is a tough sell -- even after the disaster destroyed 5,000 homes. BY

Secretive Kansas Starts to Open Up

After the Kansas City Star revealed a deep culture of secrecy in the state’s government, politicians have started to address the lack of transparency. BY

When Lieutenant Governors Leave, Some States Struggle to Fill the Position

It’s the second highest-ranking job in state government, and yet, no one seems to want it. BY



City or Suburbs? What Do Millennials Really Want?

Turns out, the answer isn’t either-or. Rather, it’s a question with 80 million answers. BY

For Future Federal Drug Policy, Look to California

The problems associated with legalizing marijuana are seen on a much bigger scale in the state. BY
Politics & Elections

Why It’s So Hard for Lawmakers to Win Governor’s Races

"I can count on one hand the number of top [legislative] leaders who have successfully run for major statewide office." BY

Assisted Living: A $10 Billion Industry With Little Oversight

It’s largely up to states to regulate these facilities -- many of which don’t even employ full-time nurses. BY

After Carbon Tax Fails in Washington, Focus Turns to 9 Other States

Washington state won’t be enacting the nation’s first tax on greenhouse gas emissions this year. But the idea has grown more popular in the states since President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. BY

The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs

Publicly owned internet networks are giving some rural regions an advantage over even the techiest big cities. BY

How to Test Your Economic Development Strategy

It’s not about how successful any business is but what the city has left after it leaves. BY



With Fewer Police Applicants, Departments Engage in Bidding Wars

Hiring police officers is much harder than it used to be. To stay competitive, some are offering generous pay increases and bonuses. BY
On Leadership

Job Licensing Requirements Need Serious Scrutiny

Should you really need a license to teach hair braiding? BY

Partners at Last: CIOs and CFOs 4.0

Chief information officers and chief financial officers haven’t always gotten along. That’s not true anymore. BY


Is That Really a P3?

What Anaheim has been doing to keep Disney happy is mischaracterized as a public-private partnership. BY

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