Governing 2010 Public Officials of the Year

Cover Story

Harrisburg's Failed Infrastructure Project

BY John Buntin

A new incinerator was supposed to earn Harrisburg, Pa., $1 billion. Instead, it’s a cautionary tale for what happens when an infrastructure project goes bad.


Politics & Elections

The Future of Redistricting and Rural America

Redistricting is not likely to be kind to the political clout of rural areas. BY
Politics & Elections

Maintaining Political Balance Through Redistricting

Bringing truth, light and perhaps even fairness to redistricting. BY



Politics: Problem or Solution?

Despite polarization, politics is still the way to get things done. BY

Politics + Policy

Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Philadelphia's Mixed Feelings on Legalized Gambling

In Philadelphia, the SugarHouse Casino’s story reflects the mixed emotions about legalized gambling. BY
Public Safety & Justice

Reforming Sex Offender Laws

California's Chelsea's Law rethinks the way the state manages sex offenders who will return to society. BY
Politics & Elections

Cuyahoga County's Road to Recovery From Corruption

A lot has changed, and is still changing, in Cuyahoga County since the county was slammed with corruption charges. BY
Politics & Elections

Getting Teens to Register and Vote

A new effort is under way to encourage young adults to start voting and keep voting. BY
Washington Watch

Finding a Leader With Answers

As problems cry out for solutions, we need more Richard Daleys. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

States' Regulation on the Gadsden Flag

Is flying the "Don't Tread on Me" flag a protected nod to America’s past? Some states’ laws are unclear. BY
Health & Human Services

California: A National Model for Health Benefit Exchanges?

As states implement health benefit exchanges, they’ll likely look west for guidance. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

States Look to Boost Hunting Interest

U.S. sportsmen are declining. Will a new generation materialize to fuel conservation efforts? BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

The Search for Infrastructure-Driven Transformation

There are infrastructure projects, and then there are infrastructure projects that transform. BY
Urban Notebook

Could Renting Be the New American Dream?

Renting and returning to urban living -- where energy costs are lower -- could be in the offing. BY

Problem Solver

Management & Labor

How Rules and Contracts Demean Public Workers

Laws, arbitrary rulings and contracts keep employees locked in an unrewarding work environment. BY
Smart Management

Prioritizing and Revamping the Budgeting Process

States and localities should prioritize top goals and revamp the budgeting process. BY
Tech Talk

Ways to Consolidate Government IT

It tends to come in two forms: a centralized model and a federated approach. BY
Public Money

The Effects of the Housing Market on Government Finance

Plunging real estate values have devastating consequences for government finance. BY

Driving Prosecution With Intelligence

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s vision of “intelligence-driven prosecution” could do for prosecutors what CompStat did for policing. BY


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