Cover Story

Swift and Certain: Hawaii's Probation Experiment

BY John Buntin

Steven Alm was no courtroom novice when he started handling felony cases as a circuit judge in Hawaii. He'd already been a judge for three...



Can Higher Ed Control Its Costs?

At Virginia Tech, freshmen learn mathematics in a 60,000-square-foot box of a building that used to be Rose's discount department store. It's called the Math... BY

Energy Efficiency: The Stimulus Windfall

New Mexico's energy conservation and management division has about $2 million to spend in a typical year. So when Joanna Prukop heard about the $41 million of... BY


Deval Patrick's Hard-to-Keep Promises

How Massachusetts' inspiring governor hurt himself with his lofty campaign rhetoric. BY


Miami's Visionary Zoning Plan

When it comes to building and construction, Miami has always been a wide-open town. That's about to change. Last month, the city council approved a... BY
Health & Human Services

Tribal Trouble in Tennessee

Given the limited number of Native Americans, it would be natural to expect that today's tribes would welcome the recognition of any new group with... BY
Management & Labor

The Search for Interstate Cooperation

In desperate budget times, more and more local governments are turning to their neighbors, hoping to save money by sharing services and equipment. This kind... BY

Tax Troubles in Arizona

Jan Brewer was Arizona's popular secretary of state early this year when her political career took a turn for the worse. She became governor. With... BY
Washington Watch

The Ticking Fiscal Clock

In this state and local fiscal mess, realism may be the only option. BY
Health & Human Services

Georgia Clears a Path for Legal Adoption of Embryos

A new law in Georgia makes it the first state to clear a legal path for adopting human embryos in much the same way as... BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Could Roads Be the Next Source of Renewable Power?

There are more than 4 million miles of paved roadways in the United States. Increasingly, renewable energy advocates are looking at all that asphalt and seeing... BY
Health & Human Services

The True Cost of Treating Diabetes

Here's the problem. The number of Americans who have diabetes is growing at an alarming rate, as are the medical costs of treating the disease:... BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Community Colleges: Today's Best Source for Job Training?

Academics still matter, but technical knowledge may matter more. BY
Urban Notebook

An Iconic 'Super Suburb' Seeks an Urban Makeover

Can Tysons Corner break with its auto-choked past? BY


Management & Labor

Performance Auditing: Beyond 'Gotcha!'

It's been about five years since Washington State Auditor Brian Sonntag announced the launch of his ambitious effort to bring a new style of performance... BY
Smart Management

The States' Stupid Budget Tricks

This year may set a record for gimmicks they used to balance their books. BY
Public Money

A Boost for the Muni Bond Market

Build America Bonds are like the cash-for-clunkers program: They bring buyers in. BY
Tech Talk

Can I Say No to an Electronic Health Record?

A majority of people want to 'own' their health data and choose who can access it. BY

Albuquerque Voters' Republican Gamble

When Richard Berry won a surprise victory last month for mayor of Albuquerque, voters wondered whether they had chosen new policies or merely a new... BY


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