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Kitzhaber: Three-Time Governor Turning Oregon’s Tide

BY John Buntin

John Kitzhaber once called Oregon “ungovernable.” Now, he’s forging bipartisan alliances that are making it one of the best-governed states in the nation.


Management & Labor

Emergency Financial Managers: Michigan's Unwelcome Savior

In Michigan, financial advisers take control of cities on the brink of bankruptcy. BY
Politics & Elections

Citizens United’s Corporate Candidate

Now that private-sector groups are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money in state elections, who’s really running for office? BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

'Green' Municipalities Cut Ties with Utilities

A growing number of cities and counties dedicated to energy efficiency are deciding that local sustainability initiatives can’t coexist with for-profit utilities. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Revisiting the Hope VI Public Housing Program’s Legacy

Hope VI developments, which replaced huge projects with smaller units that matched the scale of the neighborhood, were supposed to represent a new way of thinking about low-income housing. They didn’t always get it right. BY


Politics & Elections

Caucus System Cracks Revealed During 2012 GOP Primary Season

Several states were embarrassed by faulty counts in their caucuses, which are run by political parties rather than by public officials. BY
Politics & Elections

Governors Have 'The Best Job in Politics'

In his new book, political scientist Alan Rosenthal professes that no one gets what they want more than governors. Find out why. BY

Stockton, California’s Bankruptcy Makes 'Normal' Cities Nervous

Unlike many high-profile bankruptcies, Stockton’s financial woes are the result of many different factors that are not unusual for many localities. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

50-State Legislation Now Searchable by Smartphone

The new Open States app lets users identify and contact their state reps, scroll through voting records and follow bills through the legislative process. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

San Francisco Parking Program Eases Congestion

San Francisco hopes that by raising some prices based on supply and demand, it can ensure there’s always at least one open spot on every block. According to a New York Times analysis, it may be working. BY

Mayor Brenda Lawrence Walks a Mile in Their Shoes

In Southfield, Mich., the mayor takes early morning walks with her constituents – a move that’s changed the physical and civic health of her city. BY
Washington Watch

The Affordable Care Act: A Case Study for Cooperative Federalism?

If the health reform law is upheld, the flexibility it will give states on health insurance exchanges could be a model for healthy federal-state relations. BY

Financing Water Infrastructure Like Transportation

One idea floating around on how to help cities pay for water infrastructure has already helped finance big transportation projects with large, low-interest loans directly from the feds. BY
Health & Human Services

Mental-Health Medications May Become Limited in Utah

For now, Utah is one of only a handful of states that still allow nearly unrestricted access to psychotropic drugs. Does limiting access to their meds put the mentally ill at risk? BY

Cities Get Green Certifications for More Than Just Buildings

Cities and counties can now earn eco-certification for everything from the roads they build to the vehicles that ride on them. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Silicon Valley Considers Personal Rapid Transit System

Can an innovative transit idea keep Silicon Valley -- home to tech giants like Google and Microsoft -- from choking on congestion? Or is the answer to their problems much simpler? BY
Urban Notebook

City Hall Buildings Fall Victim to Local Budgets

The upkeep and restoration of older city halls often become casualties of budgets squeezed by the Great Recession. BY


Health & Human Services

Food-Safety Audits Keep Leafy Greens Clean

Consumption of leafy green vegetables is growing, as is the risk of E. coli contamination. California and Arizona are taking the lead in keeping them clean. BY
Smart Management

Government Performance Auditors at Risk of Becoming Endangered

Many governments have shifted into reverse, cutting and even eliminating auditing offices. BY
Tech Talk

Cities Share Data, Software Applications

An informal group of seven city CIOs is launching its first project: a website that will house standardized data from each city. BY
Public Money

Stockton, California’s Debt Problems May Set Precedent

How Stockton's story unfolds could have major consequences for public employee pensions and bondholders nationwide. BY
Politics & Elections

Alex Morse: 23-Year-Old Mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts Tackles Job Creation

Alex Morse, a recent college graduate, is in charge of a town with one of the nation’s worst unemployment rates. But he has plans to change that. BY


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