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Cover Story

WIFI Free-For-All

BY Christopher Swope

Strategies for building municipal wireless networks are evolving fast. But are they prudent in the long run?


Greenhouse Gumption

Whether you call it global warming or climate change, it's an issue that's being dealt with at the grassroots. BY
Health & Human Services

Womb Service

Surrogacy is becoming more common, and lawmakers must confront a host of tough questions. BY

Battered School Boards

Reformers dismiss them. Experts call them obsolete. But we can't give up on school boards, because they're needed. BY

Open Sorcerer

A crusade for open standards in technology cost one top official his job in Massachusetts. But the issue isn't going away. BY
Public Safety & Justice

Blind Sighted

Eyewitness identification doesn't always mesh with DNA evidence, and that's leading police departments to rethink their lineup procedures. BY
Politics & Elections

When Winning is Losing

Eminent domain is now a hammer property rights proponents are using to alter zoning codes. BY

Up Front

Washington Watch

Tax-Break Tango

The fight over public subsidies to corporations is nearing a crucial decision in the U.S. Supreme Court. BY
Politics & Elections

Strong Enough

In a city that doesn't hand its mayors much power, Phil Gordon knows how to go out and get it. BY

Mr. Smith Goes to K st.

A lot of the dollars that feed the Washington lobby establishment are coming from back home. BY
Politics & Elections

Red Alert

Republicans are losing special elections in places where they usually win. BY

No Behind Left Unwatched

Maryland's comptroller is a vigorous 84 years old. A little too vigorous, some think. BY
Health & Human Services

Lead Into Gold?

Lead paint is a serious health problem. Will it become a hot litigation subject? Probably not. BY

The Grade 9 Solution

How do we keep kids in high school? One answer: Get them through freshman year. BY
Urban Notebook

Parking is Getting Smarter

Mike Langberg, a technology columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, dropped by a conference on "smart parking" recently. What he found was mind-boggling. Among the big ideas: You'll be able to use the Internet to reserve a parking meter before leaving home. Even if you forget to make a reservation, a navigation screen in your dashboard will direct you to a vacant spot. BY
Management & Labor

The Unconstitutional Governor

Woodrow Wilson's term as governor of New Jersey had a major impact on the future of state government in America. BY

The Business of Government

Private Pockets

Finding Money for the NAFTA Highway BY Sarah Harney
Infrastructure & Environment

Kansas City Heads for the Diamond

An unconventional design should ease traffic at a major interchange BY

Uncharted Territory: Going Digital to Keep Track of Mines

Four years ago, nine miners accidentally tunneled into a flooded mine in Pennsylvania that wasn't on any map. It took three days to rescue them, and the accident at Quecreek Mine was a wake-up call to the state's Bureau of Deep Mine Safety. The mining community it serves obviously needed a comprehensive, digital map that would chart the thousands of mines, active and closed, in the state. BY

Managing E-Mail

Texas outsources a basic means of communication BY
Tech Talk

Driven to License

A federal mandate that states love to hate, Real ID may also harbor some hidden opportunities. BY
Smart Management

Short on Oversight

States and localities are outsourcing more of their services, but management of the contracts is in dire need of an upgrade. BY
Health & Human Services

Risk Reduction

Government-backed reinsurance could make health coverage more affordable for the middle class. BY

Tune Towns

Cities hear money in the sound of music. BY
Public Money

Trifecta Financing

Northern Virginia may be on the road to an elaborate but ultimately workable solution to financing a subway to its international airport. BY

"Turn in Your Cell Phone"

Westchester County puts the recycling burden on consumers BY

"Turn in Your Cell Phone"

Westchester County puts the recycling burden on consumers BY

Irvine Parks its Image

Groundbreaking to begin for a large urban playground BY

Car Star: Georgia Woos and Wins a New Plant

Georgia will be building Kia cars. A deal with the Korean auto-maker, signed in March, should produce at least 4,500 jobs and 300,000 vehicles a year. The $1.2 billion facility, scheduled for completion in 2009, will be located in the small town of West Point, southwest of Atlanta. BY


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