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Can Green Technology Propel Economic Development?

BY Chad Vander Veen

Traveling east along U.S. Highway 12 from Helena, Mont., it's entirely possible to drive for an hour or more without seeing another human. Windswept plains...


Keeping Government Green

As the economic crisis deepens for states and localities, many governments are being forced to delay investment in new green IT products and initiatives. Thanks... BY

The Competition for Jobs

When Boeing announced it had chosen North Charleston, S.C., as the location for its second "final assembly site" for the new 787 Dreamliner, Jim Albaugh,... BY

Targeting Public-Sector Unions

Manhattan Institute scholar Fred Siegel has spent much of his career studying the decline of American cities. What he sees in New York now is,... BY
Politics & Elections

Local Governments Face Census Challenge

If you receive a water bill in Phoenix, you'll get a note about the census. If you spend time in a classroom, you're likely to... BY



Shrinking State Government

Across the nation, governors are slashing and consolidating boards, commissions and agencies as part of a larger effort at reforming government. BY


Politics & Elections

The Price of Moderate Politics

Bill Ritter became Colorado's governor in 2007, promising to be a pragmatic, pro-business Democrat. That political niche seemed like a good fit for a moderate state.... BY
Politics & Elections

Growing Alaska's Legislature

When Alaska state Rep. Peggy Wilson wants to visit her constituents, she goes by boat. Wilson represents seven Alaska towns, most of which are on... BY

Philadelphians Withhold Billions in Taxes

Philadelphia residents owe the city a backlog of more than $1 billion in unpaid taxes. Now a city official has found a strange place to recover... BY
Politics & Elections

The Price of Popularity

John Hoeven may be something close to the perfect candidate for the U.S. Senate. The Republican governor is North Dakota's most popular politician and,... BY
Washington Watch

States, Localities Face a 'Lost Decade'

Economic recovery will be slow, subduing any ambitions state and local governments may harbor to play a role in shaping national policy. BY

Agriculturists Vs. Animal Advocates

In 2008, almost two-thirds of California voters passed Proposition 2, the Standards for Confining Farm Animals initiative. This initiative - supported by animal advocates to phase out... BY

New Smog Rules Target Rural Counties

Thirty-one years ago this month, residents in Dauphin County, Pa., awoke to news that a reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant was reportedly... BY
Health & Human Services

Are Wind Farms a Health Risk?

Wind energy is blowing hot right now. Nationwide, wind farms are bringing in renewable energy and jobs, such as in Montana, as detailed in "Propelling... BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Do Environmental Regulations Hurt the Economy?

Environmental regulations have transformed California's economy but it's not always clear if the result was positive. BY
Urban Notebook

Free Light Rail Rides

Portland, Ore., struggles to keep fare-free service alive. BY


Management & Labor

Using Performance to Deliver Promises

Call it the great intergovernmental camera caper. Although it might not have involved millions of dollars in spending, it did illustrate the sometimes absurd consequences... BY
Smart Management

New Revenue, New Concerns

Contingency fee contracts are becoming hot, but have their limits. BY
Tech Talk

Michigan and the Feds Try Sharing Cyber-Security Tools

The experiment could help states cut the cost of protecting sensitive government information. BY
Public Money

Fairy Tale Pension Projections

Assumptions about return rates and risky investments foreshadow big problems. BY
Politics & Elections

Boston's Hip, New Chief of Staff

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is an urban legend - the closest thing the East Coast has to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. So when Menino stood... BY


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