Cover Story

Minneapolis Speedway

BY Josh Goodman

John Chiglo is looking up from the banks of the Mississippi River at a huge ivory monolith. It's the new I-35W bridge, built on...


Management & Labor


Now that the ink has dried on the federal economic stimulus bill and billions of dollars for road, bridge and transit projects are flowing to... BY
Politics & Elections

The Ordeal of David Paterson

It seemed, at the time, like an auspicious moment. On a slushy winter's day at the New York State Capitol, David Paterson entered the Assembly... BY
Health & Human Services

Health Care Comes Home

Dr. Jugta Kahai had a problem. One of her patients, a 9-month-old boy with asthma, kept showing up in the emergency room. He was struggling... BY

Goodnight Computer

Your computer has an off-button. But if you're like most people, you don't use it very often. Maybe you like to leave certain programs or... BY Zach Patton


Management & Labor

Our New Look

When an established magazine changes its design, publishers call it a "relaunch." So it's perhaps fitting that Governing's premiere issue in its new look comes... BY

Putting the Urban in Suburban

It takes some imagination to think of a strip mall as anything else. BY

Politics + Policy

Politics & Elections

Austin's Surprise Speaker

Everybody in the Texas House of Representatives knew Joe Straus was one of its brightest newcomers, but nobody expected him to become speaker this year... BY

Intense Rheeaction

As superintendent of schools in Washington, D.C., Michelle Rhee has become the most celebrated - and controversial - schools chief in the country. Her... BY
Public Safety & Justice

Predators' Reprieve

Congress passed the Adam Walsh Act in 2006 to create uniform national tracking standards for sex offenders. President Bush signed it amid White House fanfare. But... BY
Health & Human Services

Creative Disruption

The current buzzword among MBA grads is "disruptive innovation." It may sound like a term to use when all hell is breaking loose. But what... BY
Washington Watch

Tackling Taxophobia

We can't keep pretending tax increases are a fatal disease. BY

Lofty Goals

Suddenly, everyone is talking about "green jobs." Task forces in Connecticut, Minnesota and New Mexico, among other states, are looking at how to attract, create... BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

The Dying Auto Mall

The sale of cars isn't a public cash cow anymore. BY
Urban Notebook

Philly Aglow

The head of Philadelphia's business improvement district set out to bring European-style lighting to Philly's arts district, BY

Problem Solver

Public Safety & Justice

Run for Your Lives, Please

On September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike was hurtling toward Galveston. Water was expected to rise 12 to 16 feet on the Texas island. The incoming surge would inundate communities.... BY
Public Money

Spend Now, Save Later

After the fun and games of a stimulus bump, stringency lies ahead. BY

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