June 2011 Governing cover of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Cover Story

Rahm Emanuel Takes on Chicago

BY Alan Greenblatt

Chicago's Richard M. Daley is a tough act to follow. But Rahm Emanuel is determined to make his own mark.


Infrastructure & Environment

Six Ideas for Fixing the Nation's Infrastructure Problems

Here's how to plan, fund and make a safer, more efficient transportation system. BY ,
Infrastructure & Environment

High-Speed Rail Is Not Dead

A true high-speed rail network may be years away. But despite some setbacks, plans for fast trains are moving ahead around the country. BY

Ending Medicaid As We Know It

Is Medicaid in its current form sustainable? And if not, is welfare reform the right model for change? BY
Management & Labor

The Dark Side of Awards and Accountability

Contributor Ken Miller draws from his latest book to explain how management-by-fear accountability systems rarely work and produce devastating side effects. BY



A Real Tea Party Moment?

State and local governments want to dump a costly tax provision that would bring more costs at a most inopportune time. BY


Politics & Elections

States Roll Back Early Voting, Enforce Voter ID Laws

Democrats complain that GOP legislators are seeking to disenfranchise vulnerable groups of voters. Republicans say they're merely protecting the sanctity of the ballot. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Fixing Bridges ... Or Not

The lack of money for bridge repairs is symptomatic of a larger problem: Transportation projects in general are going to slip behind. BY

Pink Slips Affect the Future of the Teaching Profession

Massive teacher layoffs have led to concerns that young people will shy away from entering the suddenly less-than-secure profession. BY
Politics & Elections

Is It OK to Text While Lawmaking?

The legality of texting while lawmaking has been cause for debate, but Texas may be the first state to ban the practice altogether. BY
Washington Watch

The Policy Battle Behind Chocolate Milk

As schools opt for healthier lunch options, governments are pitted against the powerful dairy industry. BY
Politics & Elections

The Governors' Guy in D.C.

The new executive director of the National Governors Association, Dan Crippen, has big shoes to fill. Luckily, he has years of experience working with governors. BY
Health & Human Services

Banning Teenagers from Tanning Beds

At the recommendation of doctors and in spite of the tanning industry, California may be the first state to set a precedent on tanning beds. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Planning for Electric Cars

The electric grid could become overloaded with increased use of electric cars. Public utilities in Austin and Los Angeles have already begun tackling the issue. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Improving Ports to Keep Up with the Global Economy

With the expansion of the Panama Canal, states and cities are debating whether to spend money deepening channels and expanding facilities to handle new ships. BY
Urban Notebook

Drivers Battle with Bikers for Road Space

When New York City replaced a car lane with a bike lane, it exposed the tricky problem of adding another form of transportation infrastructure to a city. BY



Homeownership with a Happy Ending

Massachusetts helps marginal earners become first-time homeowners. BY
Smart Management

What's a Pension Perk Worth?

Employers can't pinpoint what the real value of retiree benefits is to them. BY
Tech Talk

Preparing for Cloud Computing Failures

Moving to the cloud doesn't relieve agencies from ensuring public services and programs continue to operate in spite of technological hiccups. BY
Public Money

Taxing Municipal Bonds

A controversial plan to tax state and local debt could rob states and localities of millions. BY

Orange Beach, Ala., Mayor Works to Bring Tourists Back

Mayor Tony Kennon has pushed for bigger beach cleanup efforts, faster settlement of claims and larger marketing budgets to bring visitors back to Alabama's Gulf Coast. BY


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