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The Value of Movie Tax Incentives

BY Zach Patton

States spend billions on incentives to lure film productions away from Hollywood. Some say it's gone too far.



Build America Bonds Make a Mark

The new Build America Bonds are having an outsized impact on the way states and localities raise money to build and fix infrastructure. BY
Politics & Elections

The Rise of Attorneys General

With a Democrat in the White House, conservative state attorneys general are mobilizing against federal power. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Is IT Outsourcing Still In?

High-profile problems and emerging technologies are changing attitudes about the would-be savior of enterprise IT. BY
Health & Human Services

A Medicaid Fraud-Stopping Model

Five years ago, New York state was burned by revelations of pervasive Medicaid fraud. Now the state is showing other states how scams can be stopped. BY



Revolving Around the Sun

A new model of how transparency works changes the view of open government. BY


Management & Labor

Leading the Census-Participation Pack

Livonia, Mich., had the highest census participation rate not because of what it did – but because of what it is. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Sacramento's Net Gain?

Ex NBA-player Mayor Kevin Johnson has an unorthodox plan to build a new basketball arena. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Immigration Fizzle

Arizona's new immigration law seems potent right now, but will it fizzle like Georgia's? BY
Politics & Elections

Voting the Straight-Ticket Sweep

Will Republicans win big in states that make voting a straight ticket easy? BY
Washington Watch

What Really Matters in Health-Care Reform

Health-care politics continues to grab headlines, but what's important lies elsewhere. BY
Public Safety & Justice

Paying for Lost Time

What is the responsibility of states to innocent people wrongly convicted of a crime? BY
Health & Human Services

Fixing the Doctor Deficit

Improving efficiencies can help, but cutbacks at state medical schools don't. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Southern Inefficiency

With its growing population, the South must determine how to reduce energy consumption. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Installing City-Wide Fiber-Optic Networks

Don't wait to find out if Google will install broadband in your city. BY
Urban Notebook

The Gentrification Effect

Does the return of a neighborhood mean its culture and the poor have to leave? BY


Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Computing Performance

More governments are turning to technology to help them budget and manage for results. BY
Smart Management

Telecommuting's Sluggish Adoption

Working from home has been touted as the future, so why isn't it catching on faster? BY
Tech Talk

Funneling Tech Purchases

Texas focuses on cross-agency operations and innovation opportunities – and saves money. BY
Public Money

Wanted: A Gold Standard for Pensions

Public officials who run pension plans should update their rule books. BY


Ohio's school planning director embraces green schools. BY


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