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Little Mergers on The Prairie

BY Alan Greenblatt

Although Iowa failed in its efforts to make municipalities consolidate, collaboration is happening at the grassroots level.


Warning: Evoting Ahead

From local election officials to ordinary citizens, there's angst in the air over the security of electronic ballots. BY

Purchasing For Power

Some states and localities keep a lid on energy costs by using old- fashioned leverage and new-tech auctions. BY

Extreme Makeover

After transforming its downtown into a residential mecca, Vancouver is trying to find the right balance between condos and commerce. BY
Politics & Elections

Domain Poisoning

How states and localities lost ground after their Supreme Court win on eminent domain--a tool they can use to turn around dying or dangerous neighborhoods. BY

Up Front

Washington Watch

Bordering on Disaster

A national immigration policy requires a level of collaboration that none of the major players is willing to risk. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Too Big for The Road

Massive trucks are tearing up fragile state highways. And more of them are out there every year. BY
Politics & Elections

A Need for Magic

Cory Booker's gifts are such that his political future seems limitless. But to move on, he has to make a record in Newark. BY
Politics & Elections

Down on The Gown

The demand for fiscal accountability is graduating to the college level. BY
Politics & Elections

Perks That Kill

When voters think legislators are living too well at public expense, they pounce. BY

Decent Neighbor

In an era of federal indifference to cities, the General Services Administration is an innovative exception. BY
Politics & Elections

Deal in Denver

An 11th-hour compromise shores up an overburdened state retirement system. BY
Urban Notebook

Why Cities Want the Olympics

You'd think, given New York's recent, painful experience, that the last thing any city would want to do is put itself through the marathon effort of bidding for the Summer Olympic Games. BY
Management & Labor

RIvals on The Right

What we're seeing is moderate Republicans being picked off by organized conservative opposition. BY

The Business of Government

Tanking Up on E-85

Biofuel "gas" stations to dot Tennessee highways. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Gimme Shelter: Boosting Florida's Turnpike Power

When a hurricane strikes Florida, the first concern of residents is to protect their homes and evacuate if necessary. The Florida Turnpike Enterprise, part of the Florida Department of Transportation, sees its job as providing a safe haven as evacuees travel the road. BY

Wimaxing the Digital Divide

Milwaukee's school district will send the Internet to students' homes. BY

Online Design: The Virtual Reality of Park Planning

Queens, New York, residents are redesigning Landing Lights Park--but don't expect to see paper diagrams of the competing proposals. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Telecommuting Hits The Road

Internet access on buses and subways can turn car-centric commuters into mass transit riders--if the technology works. BY
Smart Management

Don't Ask

The more thoroughly you measure the depths of any problem, the bigger that problem will appear to be. BY
Health & Human Services

Lean but Mean Medicaid

It's one thing to use the carrot to encourage healthy behavior. It's another to use the stick--especially on children. BY
Politics & Elections

Hackneyed Gab

Politicians and the media "do democracy a disservice" by resorting to cliches. BY

Property Tax Favorism

America is a nation of majority rule, and one outcome of that is that the majority typically looks out for its economic interests. Take the uneven treatment of property taxes. BY

Property Tax Favorism

America is a nation of majority rule, and one outcome of that is that the majority typically looks out for its economic interests. Take the uneven treatment of property taxes. BY

Clean-Air Pressure on Developers

A California community asks builders to help stop smog. BY Sarah Harney

Rewarding The Right Location

Illinois offers incentives for linking workplace with workforce. BY

Officer Eco-Friendly: Wisconsin Will Certify Green Tourist Sites

With its 15,000 lakes, 25,000 miles of waterways and many geological wonders, Wisconsin is working to promote eco-friendly tourism by creating "Travel Green Wisconsin," a business certification program. BY


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