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Dealing With Term-Limited Legislators

BY Russell Nichols

States with term-limited legislators are seeking ways to counteract the drawbacks of high turnover. Here, former Michigan state Sen. Dennis Olshove points to a picture of state Senators circa 2004, now out of office.


Politics & Elections

8 Issues to Watch in 2011

These topics will capture the attention of state legislators in 2011. BY , ,

Firefighters Feel the Squeeze of Shrinking Budgets

In small and large cities alike, firefighters have gone from heroes to budget bait. BY

4 Ways to Rethink the Firefighting Game

Former president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs Jeff Johnson shares his thoughts on the firefighting game. BY
Governing: State and local government news and analysis

The Struggle to Implement Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore wind farms are on the cusp of becoming a serious source of energy for a host of states -- if they can only get those turbines in the water. BY

Coding Competitions From Around the Globe

Developers all around the world are creating innovative apps to help citizens utilize public information. BY



New York City's Ailment-Curing Prescription

America’s largest city shares lessons in urban renewal. BY

Politics + Policy

Management & Labor

Christie's Hands-On Approach With Local Government

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is playing an extremely active role in local government affairs. BY
Health & Human Services

The Increasing Opposition to the New Health-Care Law

Attorneys general in several states are seeking to overturn the federal health-care law. BY

Voters to Decide Fate of Earnings Tax

Two Missouri cities may soon be facing a huge drop in tax collections. BY
Politics & Elections

An Early Look at the Governors

A sneak peek at the 2011 and 2012 gubernatorial campaign landscape. BY
Washington Watch

The Nation's Outlook on Trains

Bullet trains may be sidetracked, but not commuter rail. BY

Animal Gas Chambers Draw Fire

Some shelters still regularly euthanize their animals by placing them in gas chambers -- a method that’s increasingly coming under attack in several states. BY
Health & Human Services

Banning the Happy Meal

Governments take child nutrition into their own hands. BY

Geothermal: The Other Alternative Energy Source

Geothermal energy isn’t perfect. But in Colorado, its list of drawbacks is very short. The state's Capitol building is getting a new heating and cooling system -- powered by geothermal energy. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Young Professionals Return Home, and Stay

Cities are launching "boomerang" efforts to bring their young professionals back home. BY
Urban Notebook

Philadelphia's Open-Door Immigrant Policy

Immigrant populations remain a key source of economic development for inner cities. BY

Problem Solver

A Paradigm Shift on First-Time Drunk Drivers

Illinois is among a handful of states expanding their in-vehicle alcohol-sensor laws to include first-time DUI offenders. BY
Smart Management

Overseeing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

As the feds help states and cities, a new relationship may be developing. BY
Tech Talk

Understanding Green Technology's Real-World Implications

The Urban Living Lab will show real-world implications of energy-efficient technology. BY
Public Money

The Effect of Federal Budget Cuts on States and Localities

When the federal government starts reducing its deficit, watch out below! BY

Tackling Health Issues in NYC and Baltimore

Dr. Oxiris Barbot is looking to continue her NYC success in Baltimore as the city's new health commissioner. BY


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