Cover Story

Bleak Outlook for State Finances

BY Rob Gurwitt

The coming year will be excruciating for state budget-makers not just because revenues continue to decline and new rounds of budget cutting are necessary, but...



In Wisconsin, Partisan Battles Rule the Legislature

In this January 2010 feature from our archive: State legislatures may not be as partisan as Congress, but they're getting closer. BY

Top 10 Legislative Issues to Watch 2010

The Great Recession may technically be over, but it continues to have a devastating effect on the ability of state legislators to craft new legislation... BY

Is Municipal Bond Insurance Dead?

It's like a page out of the Brothers Grimm. Once upon a time -- and not so very long ago -- there were four giants.... BY

Is Social Media a Friend or Foe of Government?

Jeffrey Horne wasn't new to social media. He liked using Facebook and Twitter to keep up with friends and had dabbled some in blogging. Early... BY



The Rise of the Megaregion

The idea of "megaregions" is getting a bit too much mega-hype. BY

Politics + Policy


An "Ordinary Joe" Runs Indianapolis

The tenure of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard is helping to answer an oft-posed question: What would happen if an "ordinary Joe" was in charge of... BY

Energy Program Comes Under Fire

Every state wants to create green jobs. Oregon actually has done it. But a political consensus has emerged that the state has done it the... BY

A Showdown Over Nuclear Power Wages in Vermont

State legislators in Vermont are the only ones in the country with authority to vote on whether a nuclear power plant can continue in operation.... BY

Following An Ethically-Challenged Governor

For better and for worse, it is Pat Quinn's fate to be the governor who followed Rod Blagojevich in Illinois. Quinn served as lieutenant governor... BY

Washington Plays Catch Up On Climate Change

States, localities and the private sector are already confronting climate change. Washington has just scratched the surface. BY

States Weigh Pot Reform

While political power has been shifting to the federal level lately, there's a clear exception. When it comes to policies on marijuana for medicinal use,... BY

Primary-Care System Lags Behind Other Developed Nations

The dwindling number of primary care physicians is a dagger at the heart of health care reform. If nearly all Americans have insurance, how will... BY

Cities for Cycling Embrace European Street Designs

The past decade has been productive when it comes to making American cities bicycle-friendly. Dozens of cities hired staff designated as "bicycle coordinators." New York... BY

Eminent Domain Outrage in Connecticut

A pharmaceutical giant bugs out, leaving a struggling town without any of the touted tax benefits or job creation. BY

Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on a New City Hall

Mayor Oscar Goodman sees a new city hall as the catalyst that will set off a wave of development downtown. BY

Problem Solver


Fighting Foreclosures Using Emergency Management Tactics

As a young paramedic in Sarasota County, Florida, Bob Stuckey learned to respond to emergencies using a protocol known as the Incident Command System. Originally... BY

Awaiting the Meaning of Waiting Lists

They are supposed to give you solid information about program demand. Instead, they mislead the public. BY

Tweeting for the Public Good

Utah allows employees to use social media on the job, but lays down the rules. BY

Defining State Debt

State borrowing takes on so many forms that it's hard to figure out what the total is. BY

Bernard Melekian

If all you knew about Bernard Melekian was that he had spent 13 years running the police force in Pasadena, California, you might wonder why the... BY

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