Cover Story

Are Municipal Branding Campaigns Worth the Price?

BY Ryan Holeywell

Brand marketing promises new attention -- and money -- to cities.


Governing: State and local government news and analysis

Global Warming Puts the Heat on State Climatologists

Extreme weather events have intensified the climate change debate and made climatologists’ job more high profile and more controversial than ever before. BY

The Turf War over Wall Street

States and feds have clashed for a decade over who will fight financial fraud. Could new rules force a truce? BY
Health & Human Services

Medicaid Expansion & States: Will They or Won’t They?

Faced with the decision to expand Medicaid or not in the wake of the federal health law ruling, states can be divided into three categories. BY
Public Safety & Justice

The Rise (and Fall) of Drones

Drones could revolutionize police work. But privacy and security concerns could keep them grounded. BY
State News

Virginia's School for Deaf and Blind Gets a $71 Million Makeover

The state is finalizing a four-year construction project for one of the world's oldest schools for deaf and blind students. BY


Politics & Elections

Rural Areas Lose More Legislative Representation

With fewer state lawmakers representing rural districts, issues important to rural areas may go unheard. BY
Public Safety & Justice

Milwaukee Police Website Turns Up the Cool Factor

The department’s new website has the feeling of a first-person video game and aims to replace the media as the public’s go-to source for crime information. BY

What Did the Stimulus Do for States?

Governing interviewed Time correspondent Michael Grunwald, who argues in his new book that the stimulus has had more influence on domestic policy than any other piece of legislation in decades. BY

When Will Governments Hire Again?

Even where the fiscal picture has brightened, state and local officials are understandably wary about taking on new obligations. BY

Santa Claus and a Civics Lesson

A 115-year-old editorial on the existence of Santa Claus sheds light on the future of civics in America. BY

The Top 5 State-Local Issues Facing the Feds

In the next four years, state and local governments are going to be at the very front of domestic policy -- especially on issues like health care where the feds have gotten most of the headlines. BY

FTA Gets New Safety Oversight Over Transit Agencies

Reforms are largely the result of a final subway crash in Washington, D.C. BY ,
Health & Human Services

Georgia Counties Extend Health Insurance to Pets

Some public employees and residents now get 25 percent off all types of veterinary services. BY

Chicago’s Battle of the Roofs: Green vs. White

Two public buildings competed to see which type of roof would reduce their electric bill the most. The result may surprise you. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Seoul's Transit System Serves as a Model for America

The South Korean capital shows what happens when transit is reorganized to serve the people. BY
Urban Notebook

The Great Convention Center Bailout

With convention attendance down 40 million people from a decade earlier, why are cities pouring money into building and expanding facilities? BY



Ambitious Anti-Teen Pregnancy Program Seeing Success in Milwaukee

In 2006, Milwaukee had one of the nation’s highest teen birth rates. With more than two years to go on an ambitious goal to curb teen pregnancies, the city has already cut its rate by more than a third. BY

The Problem with Preferential Bids for Women, Minorities

Giving preference to women- or minority-owned businesses is a widely acceptable social policy that can run into management problems. BY
Idea Center

Seattle Police Use Neighborhood Twitter Accounts

The police department has created 51 hyper-local accounts to keep residents informed about crime and police response. BY ,
Idea Center

Michigan Rewards Colleges for Keeping Tuition Affordable

Public universities that keep tuition rates down are being rewarded with extra state aid. BY

Innovation In-Demand as Economy Makes a Comeback

After years of belt-tightening, CIOs are being petitioned to innovate. BY

The Fiscal Future That Won’t Happen

Arithmetic always triumphs; our unsustainable trends will stop. What matters is how. BY

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