Governing magazine April 2011 issue

Cover Story

States Handing Off More Responsibilities to Cities

BY Alan Greenblatt

States are asking cities to take charge of more programs, but they may not provide enough support.


Management & Labor

Fend-for-Yourself Localism

In October 1987, the first-ever issue of Governing debuted with a cover story on how in 1980, power and responsibility shifted from the federal government to the state and local level. Now, the same process is taking place again -- but from the states to cities and counties. BY
Management & Labor

The New Federalism: Unplanned, Innovative and Here to Stay

State and local governments are fending for themselves in unprecedented and imaginative ways. Things will never be quite the same. BY
Public Safety & Justice

States Struggle to Regulate the Bond Industry

While critics question the fairness of the bail bonds industry, proponents argue that its services save states money and keep defendants from fleeing. BY
Public Safety & Justice

Does Government Work Require Government Employees?

Volunteers are taking on jobs once performed by public employees. BY
Politics & Elections

The Rise of the Recall Election

Angry voters are increasingly using recall elections to remove local leaders. BY
Health & Human Services

Implementing Electronic Health Records in Doctors' Offices

For e-health records to work, physicians need to be brought online. BY



Can Texas Find a Future for a Third of its Workforce?

Almost a third of the state's workforce is neither a knowledge worker or a service worker. How will the state train and create jobs for this sect of the workforce? BY


The CDBG Mobilization

Mayors and county leaders are angrily and aggressively pushing back against proposed cuts against CDBG. BY

States Attempt to Streamline Education

Proposals in states like Washington and North Dakota aim to streamline education from pre-k to Ph.D. BY

Lottery Revenues Not a Sure Bet

The recent economic crisis suggests that state lotteries and other forms of gambling may not be the predictable cash cows they once were. BY

States Considering Prize-Linked Savings Programs

Credit unions want permission to award cash and prizes to customers who save. BY
Washington Watch

Bankruptcy's Bank Shot

What connects government default, short selling and union bashing? BY
Public Safety & Justice

Wiretapping Internet Calls May Require New Law

Police officials say the problems with tracking Internet phone calls are so prevalent that the federal government should step in. BY
Health & Human Services

Health-Care Reform: To Implement or Not to Implement?

Many question health-care reform's status -- but it's still law, and likely will remain so. BY

Pollution Prejudice Against the Poor

Some critics charge that cap-and-trade plans discriminate against the poor. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

What to Call the Gas Tax: Not Just Semantics

Calling the gas tax a 'user fee' is logically and factually wrong. BY
Health & Human Services

Seniors and the City

Most experts agree little is being done to make cities more age-friendly, but some cities are taking steps. BY


Management & Labor

Making Performance a Priority in Georgia

Performance measurement isn't a once-a-year event -- it's an ongoing process. BY
Smart Management

Effectively Engaging the Public

There's more to keeping in touch with constituents than public hearings. BY
Tech Talk

Trading Laptops for Smartphones

The handheld device is proving handy for cities. BY
Public Money

The Power of No

This is the time for state and local leaders to take a 'no new spending' pledge. BY
Health & Human Services

New York State's Medicaid Director Suggests Cuts

Jason Helgerson, formerly Wisconsin's Medicaid director, came to New York to help control costs. BY


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