Cover Story

DNA Becomes Routine in Crime-Solving

BY John Buntin

It was as if, Detective Phil Stanford sometimes thought, Washington Park was being burglarized by ghosts. Most burglaries follow a pattern. Typically they occur during...


Public Safety & Justice

Sensors Make Cities Smarter

Call it City 2.0: a metropolis where officials instantly monitor all of the urban environment's constantly changing dynamics--the outside temperature; snow or rainfall; traffic; and perhaps... BY

Greening Historic Buildings

Dubuque, Iowa's most sustainable buildings are a century old--and older. The Victorian homes, aging storefronts and 19th-century warehouses are sustainable in that they're positioned to... BY
Politics & Elections

Taxing Services to Ease Budget Woes

Jim Wayne is getting an earful from Kentucky hot air balloon operators these days, and it's easy to understand why. Wayne, a Kentucky state representative,... BY
Health & Human Services

Waste Not

Elkridge, Md.'s material recovery facility sorts 65 tons of recyclable material per hour. BY



Ground-Level Engagement

Tax season is a good time to examine how citizens interact with government. BY



Axing the Taxman

Tax collectors might not be the most popular government officials, but as Arizona recently discovered, they might be the very worst to cut in a... BY
Public Safety & Justice

Is 'Sexting' a Crime?

Sexting is a source of angst for parents and public schools. But should it be a crime? That's the question that, almost overnight, state after... BY
Management & Labor

A Vote for Appointed Offices

For years, California cities have debated whether their city treasurers should be elected or appointed officials. Now a new paper provides empirical evidence as to... BY
Politics & Elections

Kansas Democrats' Best Case Scenario

In a year when Republicans are expected to make gains, the best hopes for Kansas Democrats are two unlikely candidates: Though Dennis McKinney is the... BY
Washington Watch

The Looming Infrastructure Crisis

Financial, policy and political problems are hurting efforts to fix our infrastructure. BY
Public Safety & Justice

Guns on Campus

After the 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy and in the wake of the recent University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting, people who study or work on a... BY
Politics & Elections

Losing Its Luster

Green-minded consumers looking for certified energy-saving alternatives can find the Energy Star logo on products such as refrigerators, freezers, light bulbs, TVs and windows, to... BY
Politics & Elections

Grading Tobacco Control

Did you know smoking costs the U.S. economy more than $193 billion each year? This includes $96 billion in health-care costs and $97 billion in lost productivity,... BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

Airport Economics

Big city airports need federal regulations to help weather airline instability. BY
Urban Notebook

From Canals to Computers

Water power from Holyoke, Mass.'s surrounding canals will eventually power an $80 million high performance computing center. BY


Public Safety & Justice

Policing the Police

Though troubling, the recently leaked video of a Springfield, Mass., police officer beating an apparently helpless suspect with a metal flashlight while three other officers... BY
Smart Management

An Unproductive Bump

During layoffs, the effect of 'bumping rights' on the workplace is more than demoralizing. BY
Tech Talk

The Innobucks Start Here

A small Texas town has turned civic participation into an online game, complete with virtual currency. BY
Public Money

New Pension Math

Nationwide, public officials scramble to change new-hire benefits formulas. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

The Wave of Influence

In this era of instant climate information from The Weather Channel, and, the United States' 49 state climatologists might seem like dinosaurs.... BY


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