Criminal Background Checks Speed Up in Massachusetts

The state's new web-based system reduces the time it takes to run a background check on potential employees from weeks to mere minutes.
by | July 12, 2012 AT 7:00 PM

The hiring process is often lengthened by weeks or even months when a criminal background check is needed, which is the case for all jobs that work directly with elderly, disabled persons or children. In an effort to drastically reduce the wait time, Massachusetts has developed and launched iCORI, a web-based system for completing Criminal Offender Records Information checks, reports The Enterprise. The system, which went live in May, offers restricted background information to any employer or agency that's required to perform criminal background checks and reduces the wait time from weeks to mere minutes for some requests. With the new system, nonprofits who meet certain criteria can apply to have the fees for the background check waived -- saving them $35 per request.