Summer often brings with it numerous road repaving projects across the country as states look to repair the damage from the previous winter. Tons of petroleum-based products are used to complete these projects and are not environmentally friendly. The Hartford Courant reports that Connecticut will pilot a greener repavement project this summer on a two mile stretch of Route 220, using recycled asphalt roof shingles. The shingles will be obtained from companies that have previously been licensed to collect them by the state from residential homes. Once collected the shingles are tested for asbestos before they are re-used to be sure they are safe. The state will spend $1.1 millon on the project, but will be saving money since the shingles are less expensive to prepare for pavers than the usual petroleum-based products.  In addition to the cost savings, there will be a positive environmental impact since the shingles will not end up in landfills. After the roadwork is completed, the Department of Transportation will monitor the pilot area and compare it to other sections of nearby road to gauge the success of the project.