Schools Can Finally Give Leftovers to Food Banks

A recent change in federal law gives schools an alternative to throwing unused food in the trash.
by , | December 8, 2011 AT 4:45 PM

Since the recession kicked so many people out of work and some out of their homes, food banks have struggled to feed every mouth in need. But a recent change in federal law opens up a new -- and possibly large -- source of food donations: school leftovers. Until last month, leftover (and untouched) food from school cafeterias went straight into the trash. Now, it can be sent to food banks because schools can no longer be sued if someone gets sick from eating their donated food, according to a news release. Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf, who pushed for the change to be included in the agriculture spending bill, has already reached out to local school districts to get them involved, reports WHAG-TV, and has also created an online interactive map that shows all of the food banks in his district.