Poll: Vermont Governor Candidates Locked in a Tie

October 20, 2016

A Vermont Public Radio poll released Wednesday shows Sue Minter and Phil Scott locked in a statistical tie as the gubernatorial election enters the final weeks.

Of the 579 Vermonters polled by the Castleton Polling Institute, 39 percent said they would go with Scott, the Republican, while 38 percent favored Democrat Minter. The difference is well within the poll's margins of error.

Pollsters asked questions on a range of issues including the economy, taxes, the state budget, energy policy and health care.

On the economy and jobs, 41 percent of respondents said they trusted Scott most, while 28 percent said they trusted Minter more. When asked specifically about taxes and the economy, 42 percent said they trusted Scott more while 28 percent preferred Minter.

Ethan Latour, Scott's communications director, said the results show that the campaign's message is resonating.

"Phil is polling well on pocketbook issues," he said.

The campaign expected the race to be competitive, he said.

More Vermonters -- 40 percent -- said they trust Minter most to handle the environment and clean energy issues, while 29 percent chose Scott. Minter also enjoys an advantage on education, but the two candidates polled closely on health care and Vermont Health Connect, the troubled state health insurance exchange.

Respondents put taxes and the budget at the top of the list when pollsters asked what the Legislature should focus on next session, followed by health care.


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