Sin Tax Revenues by State

State sin tax collections exceeded $32 billion in fiscal year 2014, representing roughly 3.8 percent of total tax revenues. While they're not a major source of revenue in most states, some do rely on them much more than others. Sin taxes account for the largest share of tax revenues in Rhode Island,  Nevada, West Virginia, New Hampshire and Delaware.

Definitions on what constitutes a sin tax vay. Data shown here reflect alcohol, tobacco, casino, racino, video gaming and pari-mutuel revenues that states collected in fiscal year 2014.

Data notes

Tobacco, alcohol and total tax revenues were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections. These figures may differ slightly from final numbers reported in state financial reports. Gambling revenue data was compiled by the Rockefeller Institute from state agency reports. Note that a small portion of these revenues, while recorded as state tax collections, are routed to municipalities in some states. 

State lottery revenues and revenues from state-operated liquor stores (other than taxes collected) were excluded from calculations. Figures for Connecticut have been updated to include casino tax revenues.


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