Older Workers in the Workforce: State Data

Employment data indicates older workers in some states tend to work longer into their careers than others.

To examine the aging workforce, Governing compiled age demographics and 2012 employment data for workers 55 years and older and 65 years and older in each state. In general, employees tend to work the longest in states boasting stronger economies that are more tied to the agriculture sector.

The following 10 states registered the highest employment-to-population ratios for workers age 55 and older:

  1. Nebraska: 49.0%
  2. North Dakota: 48.9%
  3. Vermont: 48.1%
  4. Alaska: 47.2%
  5. South Dakota: 46.1%
  6. Wyoming: 45.4%
  7. New Hampshire: 45.3%
  8. Kansas: 43.8%
  9. Iowa: 43.0%
  10. Maryland: 43.0%

Select your state in the menu below to display its workforce data for older residents. Figures refer to 2012 annual averages, the most recent such data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.