Washington, DC and the Unique Infrastructure Challenges of Being the Nation’s Capital

The City of Washington, DC a finalist in the third round of the City Accelerator, is focused on finding viable and sustainable ways of funding public infrastructure.
by The City of Washington, DC | February 16, 2016 AT 10:00 AM
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This summary is a part of Washington, DC’s application to a City Accelerator cohort on financing public infrastructure. Your feedback on the videos will inform final selection of the cities. 

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What is Washington proposing?

The District of Columbia recently launched an executive office to specifically focus on leveraging public private partnerships in service of funding infrastructure projects. In a high growth city like this one, there is an incredible urgency to secure resources for both existing and new infrastructure. After recently launching the Office of Public Private Partnerships, the challenge now is to figure out how to prioritize projects, quickly identify opportunities for innovative partnership, and execute projects. The City Accelerator would help the District focus on a single class of projects to test whether an interagency planning and prioritization process leads to the identification and acquisition of executable financing options.


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On: 12-03-2017

i do not think i like this site thank you

gerald ubigau

On: 02-27-2017

the infrastructure is too large and inefficient

Mark Scott

On: 04-07-2016

Really leery. DC's highly-acclaimed 1999 P3 financing of Oyster school is a disaster. The IRS says its a tax scam, plus DC officials have admitted that its costing DC taxpayers a lot more than what they received in return.

Jennifer Hara

On: 02-29-2016

Job well done! Street lights and WIFI - I get it!


On: 02-18-2016

Awesome work.

Dartanion Williams

On: 02-17-2016

Looking forward to DC serving as a model city for the rest of the nation!

Lionel Sims

On: 02-17-2016

This is GREAT!!


On: 02-17-2016


Nathan Mulat

On: 02-17-2016

Love this!