Philadelphia Sees Construction Boom and Potential Boon to Minority-Owned Businesses

The City of Philadelphia, PA, a finalist in the fourth round of the City Accelerator, is focused on increasing participation in large contract procurements.
by The City of Philadelphia | May 8, 2017 AT 10:00 AM
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The City of Philadelphia, PA, is a finalist in the fourth round of the City Accelerator, which is focused on using public procurement to help create inclusive economic opportunity. Your feedback on its story map will inform final selection of the cities.

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What is Philadelphia proposing?

Philadelphia is looking to leverage a historic construction boom to increase the availability of certified minority business enterprises who are equipped to compete for and engage in larger-scale procurement opportunities. The city will focus both on positioning existing firms to be competitive and sustainable and creating a pipeline of new contract/bid-ready firms. Through participation in the City Accelerator, the City of Philadelphia will work with existing firms to identify and develop the technical assistance necessary to develop a community of minority-owned businesses that are “ready, willing and able” to compete successfully for large contracts. Lessons from the cohort could include how to co-create impactful solutions with residents and other stakeholders that are rarely brought into the policy process.


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Debra Roye

On: 07-06-2017

sound good but can it deliver?


On: 05-16-2017

Great concept.


On: 05-16-2017

Philly has a ton of ongoing projects and so much potential to move forward!

Sylvie Gallier Howard

On: 05-16-2017

This would be great for Philadelphia!

Eric Nzeribe

On: 05-11-2017

Philadelphia has a concise plan and measurable outcome. I think Philly stands a great chance of winning.


On: 05-09-2017

A novel approach to addressing a historic issue of underrepresentation


On: 05-08-2017

Will be interesting to watch.


On: 05-08-2017

Will be interesting to watch.