Milwaukee Looks to "Money Ball" in Consolidating Procurement to be Inclusive

The City of Milwaukee, WI, a finalist in the fourth round of the City Accelerator, is focused on consolidating public procurement for the benefit of small and minority-owned businesses.
by The City of Milwaukee | May 8, 2017 AT 10:00 AM
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The City of Milwaukee, WI, is a finalist in the fourth round of the City Accelerator, which is focused on using public procurement to help create inclusive economic opportunity. Your feedback on its story map will inform final selection of the cities.

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What is Milwaukee proposing?

The City of Milwaukee is looking to unify a legacy of inclusive, but fragmented procurement practices into one powerful system that achieves better results for its residents. The City Accelerator will assist the city in building partnerships with entrepreneurs, lenders and business development organizations, and use data to take a “money ball” approach to identifying promising sectors for contracting and business expansion support. Lessons learned from the cohort could lead to dynamically planned procurement practices and an inclusive sector analysis strategy for economic growth.


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On: 02-09-2018

I'm concerned that it is just another way to spend money on a very select few that really don't need it. We usually have these "studies", "press releases", all types of smoke and mirrors but the results remain the same! I really hope some people in control here start making real things happen to better our city and its constituents....not just talk!

Josh Washington

On: 05-28-2017

Why does this feel like another GMC initiative that only results in the GMC making money and just a bunch of committee meetings for everyone else. The only results the GMC makes is good PowerPoint slides.

Laura V

On: 05-24-2017

Consolidating efforts in the procurement and use of grant money to better target issues the city faces sounds like a great idea to me. There is definitely too much fragmentation and separation of efforts as things stand now in Milwaukee.


On: 05-19-2017

Doesnt really identify problem their strategy is trying to solve. How many contracts go to nonminority vendors now? Unclear what will change or the results they are hoping for or what will be their measure of success. Since these have been standards many have held local nonprofits to, we would hope for the same from city hall.


On: 05-18-2017

The City of Milwaukee is an excellent partner and is working hard to improve the lives of all its citizens. The City Accelerator is a perfect program / platform to move Milwaukee's efforts forward.

Milwaukee Leads on minority Business Capacity Building

On: 05-18-2017

As someone who has worked with the City's Small Business Capacity Building Program I have seen firsthand how effective Milwauke is at helping diverse business owners grow their company. This is another step that the City is taking to truly get behind economic capacity building. The City's Small Business Office runs a program that I believe is best in class in the country. This effort will only four there that good work!

Katie Pritchard

On: 05-18-2017

Good for government, good for procurement partners, good for Milwaukee! Thanks for moving this forward.

Isral DeBruin

On: 05-18-2017

Lots of opportunity in MKE!


On: 05-17-2017

Milwaukee is a city rife with opportunities. There are already a number of small, local businesses thriving here. To see more growth and money in the "small and local" idea would be a great benefit for this city. It would be great to see this city shine a little brighter!


On: 05-17-2017

As a lifelong Milwaukeean, I am encouraged by any potential growth and possibilities in this city. With such a wide range of offerings--especially in the summer months, Milwaukee is a wonderful city to experience.

Amanda Avalos

On: 05-17-2017


Magda Peck

On: 05-16-2017

Strategic timing to leverage significant forward movement and broadening community engagement for a city with great bones.


On: 05-16-2017

I am encouraged by the possibilities. After watching the video my hopes are accelerated for what this could mean for Milwaukee on so many levels with exciting emphasis on the impact it could have for women and the businesses whose opportunities have been less fortunate. My belief that it will get better for small business, the city and ultimately the state is renewed.


On: 05-15-2017

Great video presentation of a great city! Well done!

B. Bell

On: 05-15-2017

This presentation encapsulates Milwaukee's past and it's future - which is towards progression for everyone. Well done!


On: 05-15-2017

An important initiative to bring new talent and energy into the economic mix for Milwaukee! Well done!

Sharlen Moore

On: 05-15-2017

We are at a threshold to really move Milwaukee in the right direction. This would be a fantastic opportunity for our city!


On: 05-15-2017

MKE is on the Up and Up. As a life long resident, I look forward to continuing to contribute to the growth and betterment of our City and County!! We need this!!!

Nicole Angresano

On: 05-15-2017

Milwaukee would benefit greatly from this project!

Dee S

On: 05-14-2017

Milwaukee is making a major effort to improve the quality of life for all citizens.

Anita B

On: 05-13-2017

Great presentation! It highlights Milwaukee's strong manufacturing history, the progress we've made and the economic challenges we still face. More mixed housing and tremendous business growth downtown will help put the city back in balance. Focusing on local partnerships and resources beyond hired contractors will be critical for the future. Thank you Mayor Barrett for your innovative leadership!


On: 05-12-2017

The City of Milwaukee has great capacity to affect local businesses through its contract.


On: 05-12-2017

Milwaukee does a great job of collaborating with the community. Under Mayor Barrett's leadership, we can support a culture of entrepreneurship and inclusion through new opportunities for small business.


On: 05-12-2017

By emphasizing partnerships with minority- and women-owned businesses and organizations, the City of Milwaukee continues to find ways to build a more inclusive environment that benefits residents from all walks of life. I'm looking forward to witnessing the positive impact these solutions have on the City's business climate.

Brian M

On: 05-12-2017

I see potential but must admit that other cities are using more definitive language to articulate clearer goals. "Lessons learned... could lead to..." - does this read like a winning strategy? It seems to me the actual process of linking entrepreneurs to lenders, etc would be more catalytic than using date to ID business opportunities. If someone presents themselves as an entrepreneur, shouldn't they have done that already?


On: 05-12-2017

The City of Milwaukee is committed to increasing growth of local businesses while providing family supporting jobs. With the collaboration and partnerships in place for this project, the city will positively influence social equity challenges.


On: 05-12-2017

Milwaukee has long looked to remake their city under the current leadership while maintaining a link to its rich heritage. Mayor Barrett never ceases to look beyond the norm and empowers a great team filled with great thinkers. This project could alleviate the disconnect between economic development efforts and efficient markets. I am very interested to see how it works.


On: 05-11-2017

Small businesses are the true engines of large urban municipalities. This model would boost economic development in Milwaukee, but also have national significance. Go Milwaukee!


On: 05-08-2017

Let small business, like HD, come roaring back!