Innovation to Improve the Criminal Justice System in Denver

The City of Denver, a finalist in the first round of the City Accelerator, is focused on innovation to keep young people out of the criminal justice.
by the City of Denver | June 30, 2014 AT 3:01 AM
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This summary is a part of Denver’s application to the City Accelerator, through which cities would receive support for urban innovations that will have a significant impact in the lives of their especially low-income residents.  Watch the city’s pitch video, read the summary, and rate their submission on its potential to: impact low-income people; expand innovation by the city; and, scale to other cities.

What is Denver proposing?

The City of Denver seeks innovative solutions to keep homeless youth out of the criminal justice system and better serve those already in the system. The city’s work over the past three years to build a culture of innovation in city government has prepared Denver to take on challenges that might have otherwise been avoided, such as improving the well-being of homeless youth. The City Accelerator would give Denver the necessary support to fully tackle this issue.

How will it accomplish this?

As part of the first cohort in the City Accelerator, Denver would:

  • expand its efforts to embed a culture of innovation into city government, using its focus on the criminal justice system as a learning case;
  • improve management of  youth in the criminal justice system, freeing up resources to better serve at-risk young people; and
  • target efforts to serve homeless youth to keep them out of the criminal justice system.


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