Public Engagement, the Seattle Way

The cohort 2 city is sharpening tools and building trust.

Reading Beyond the Headline: Why Seattle’s Ideas Are Worth Stealing

Mayor Murray ups the ante on inclusive citizen engagement -- and helps pave the way for the rest of us.

Change in Local Government: Moving Beyond Good Intentions

Programs to help the poor mean nothing if they don't work.

Rewriting the Rules of Public Engagement

Public meetings can be like purgatory. Cities are showing us there’s a better way.

A Philanthropic Nudge for Civic Innovation

Cities are doing it for themselves but not by themselves.

Improving Public Engagement: 5 Cities Get to Work

The communities of Cohort II of the City Accelerator convene in Baltimore to share updates of their respective initiatives.

Being Local in an Interdependent World

Regional planning shows communities can be better, together.

Seattle Has Always Had Pizzazz: What Gives?

Seattle has a history of being a magnet for both entrepreneurial success and creative thinkers. What can we learn from it?

A Year in the Life of the City Accelerator

It's time for a recap and review of this philanthropic, collaborative startup that has put down roots in eight cities so far.

The Electrifying Rhetoric of Election Season -- Or, the Trump Effect

Politics is a messy business, but fierce competition can fuel innovation.

Finding Answers to Housing Affordability Over Coffee

We have energetic citizens who want to help solve problems -- we just have to listen.

Seattle's Next Experiment in Urban Planning: Inclusive Engagement

Seattle is tapping technology to reach previously unheard from -- and often culturally diverse -- citizens.

How Minneapolis and Seattle Hope to Be Places of Opportunity for All

Watch and review both cities' plans to increase citizen involvement and decrease income inequality through the City Accelerator.

Reinvigorating Local Democracy

The City Accelerator is helping cities engage residents for better results.

Looking Toward the Future and Listening for New Voices in Shaping Policy in Seattle

The City of Seattle, a finalist in the second round of the City Accelerator, is focused on creating an inclusive, scalable and adaptive path for growth through more effective public engagement.

Minimum-Wage Maximizing City Challenges

Federal government inaction is thrusting a tough issue on local jurisdictions.