A Conversation with Cities: Mayors on Closing Gaps in Infrastructure and Economic Opportunity

Four mayors reflect on their attempts to better meet the infrastructure needs of low-income residents.

Moving Forward Without the Feds

The infrastructure finance cohort convening in Washington, D.C., proved that local ingenuity combined with the right partners can push projects ahead.

Bringing It Home

Even communities far away can face familiar challenges and offer replicable solutions.

Living in an Age of ‘What Ifs’

Cities in the infrastructure cohort get ready to reconvene to find innovative answers to pressing questions

The Buck Starts Here

The capital project development process needs early consideration of revenue and finance.

Beyond the Numbers: Telling the Infrastructure Story

The District of Columbia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and St. Paul begin working on developing new models for funding public infrastructure through the City Accelerator.

Introducing the City Accelerator's Third Cohort

Four municipalities will focus on innovative ways to finance infrastructure.

Let's Build Something Together: An Aspirational Infrastructure Tour of 5 Cities

Financing public improvements isn't easy -- but nothing is more important for cities to prosper.

The Multi Generational Problem of Paying for Downtown San Francisco’s Protective Sea Wall

The City of San Francisco, CA, a finalist in the third round of the City Accelerator, is focused on finding viable and sustainable ways of funding public infrastructure.

Why Trauma-Informed Housing Is Key to Solving Homelessness

“Housing First” initiatives can fall short if other resources aren't in place for individuals suffering from complex problems.

Low-Income Citizens Can Benefit When Cities and Private Sector Partner

"Bank On" programs and other innovative initiatives reduce the victimization of poor individuals.