Nashville: Dismantling Disparities through Data

The city of Nashville is a finalist for this year’s City Accelerator project, which is focused on helping cities promote economic equity.

Innovation Stands the Test of Time

A look back at the three cities that started it all reveals ideas worth stealing and replicating.

Accelerate This: City Hall meets Shark Tank

How They Did It: Nashville

Podcast: Inspiring, Enabling, and Teaching Teams to Become Public Entrepreneurs

A pop-up podcast recorded with a live audience that captures key learnings from the cities that learned them - detailed here with a full transcript.

Podcast: Building a New Urban Practice, City by City

A pop-up podcast recorded with a live audience that captures key learnings from the cities that learned them - detailed here with a full transcript.

Podcast: A People-Centric Approach to Producing Impact for Low-Income Residents

A pop-up podcast recorded with a live audience that captures key learnings from the cities that learned them - detailed here with a full transcript.

Lessons From the Field for and by Civic Innovation Teams

The experience of Louisville, Nashville, and Philadelphia can inform the work of innovation teams in your city.

Bureaucracy Gives Way to Innovation: The Nashville Model

How Nashville Metro pivoted toward the future

New Ways of Thinking in Nashville

A special (but simple) bus pass helps homeless population get to shelter in extreme weather.

A Conversation With Mayors on Making Innovation Stick

Mayors from the City Accelerator's first cohort reflect on the changes underway in their cities.

A Philanthropic Nudge for Civic Innovation

Cities are doing it for themselves but not by themselves.

3 Ways Cities Can Promote Innovation Up and Down the Food Chain

Change in government requires empowering and energizing its employees.

Being Local in an Interdependent World

Regional planning shows communities can be better, together.

A Year in the Life of the City Accelerator

It's time for a recap and review of this philanthropic, collaborative startup that has put down roots in eight cities so far.

The Electrifying Rhetoric of Election Season -- Or, the Trump Effect

Politics is a messy business, but fierce competition can fuel innovation.

Mayors Come and Go, But Good Ideas Should Stick

Upcoming elections will test the sustainability of mayors’ innovation initiatives.

The Role of Whimsy and the Rise of the Metro Data Geek in Nashville's Innovation Practices

Nashville's co-chief innovation officer on the city's key takeaways from the City Accelerator.

A Spotlight on Nashville's Serendipity Practice

City leaders spark innovation in creative ways in this country music community.

Innovation in 140 Characters or Less

The Governing Summit in Louisville, Ky., provided unique ways for participants to share ideas.

Video Archive: Summit on Government Performance and Innovation

Archive of Live Stream and Live Blog from Louisville

An Interactive Gathering for City Leaders

The convening focuses on solving urban problems through synergy and innovation.

Breaking Through Barriers to Innovation in Local Government

Through the City Accelerator, Louisville, Ky., Nashville, Tenn., and Philadelphia are adapting how they do business in order to produce materially different results.

New Implementation Guide for Local Government Innovation

A new City Accelerator guide addresses some of the key barriers to innovation in local government and provides a path forward for cities to follow.

Nashville and Louisville Use Innovation and Imagination in City Infrastructure

The City Accelerator communities are creating an environment of ingenuity.

4 Key Challenges Facing Local Government Innovators

The selection process for the City Accelerator surfaced the tensions that make it difficult to make innovation a regular practice.

Introducing the City Accelerator's First Cohort

Louisville, Nashville and Philadelphia move forward with anti-poverty plans.

Similarities among the City Accelerator's Top 3 Plans

Each cities' innovative plan to help low-income residents seems so different at first glance.

5 Themes in City Poverty Plans

City Accelerator finalists have commonalities in the problems they face and their proposed solutions.

San Jose and Nashville Ask Citizens for Poverty Solutions

San Jose and Nashville are planning to tap the talents of citizens for innovative solutions to their problems with poverty.

Using Innovation to Address Inequality in Nashville

The City of Nashville, a finalist in the inaugural round of the City Accelerator, is focused on innovations to help alleviate poverty.