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William Fulton

William Fulton


William Fulton is the director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University and the author of Guide to California Planning and The Reluctant Metropolis. Fulton came to Rice from California where he served as the planning director for the City of San Diego. He formerly served as mayor, deputy mayor and a member of the city council in the City of Ventura, Calif.

Outlying communities and central cities should do more to work together.
Preempting local laws is no longer a trend in just conservative states.
It’s not about how successful any business is but what the city has left after it leaves.
Online shopping and the automation of jobs are going to transform cities.
Like Katrina and Sandy, Harvey shook Houstonians' from their complacency.
The typical tools of urban America don’t always work in the rapidly growing region.
Low pay and long, pricey commutes often go hand in hand.
Experts say cities will be the new place for innovative policy. But there are two reasons that might not happen.
Instead of building expensive roads, we should be building housing that limits how far people have to drive in the first place.
There’s a dispute about whether the movement toward city living is real. But this either/or battle is a distraction.