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Peter Harkness

Peter Harkness

Founder, Publisher Emeritus

Peter Harkness, founder and publisher emeritus of GOVERNING, now serves as a co-writer of the Potomac Chronicle column. He launched GOVERNING in 1987 after serving as editor and deputy publisher of the Congressional Quarterly news service. Peter currently also is a senior policy adviser to the Pew Center on the States.

In his new book, David Osborne argues the best way to fix the education system is to increase charter schools and create a survival-of-the-fittest system.
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Why improving our schools looks hopeless on Capitol Hill.
Dan Gilbert of Detroit is just one example of what a CEO determined to help their communities can accomplish.
With practically no legislation moving through Congress, the Washington press corps is beginning to focus on action in states and localities.
Innovation is happening in a lot of places, just in different ways.