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The effort comes on heels of a Michigan law that now requires districts to have plans in place to cut back on the number of students being suspended or expelled, or risk losing some state funding.
Polls show support for the law increasing as it becomes more imperiled, and the result has been a political sea change. Now Democrats see it as a winning prescription -- even in red states.
In one of the fastest-paced civic construction jobs in recent U.S. history, hundreds of carpenters, operating engineers and iron workers are rushing to complete repairs to the damaged Oroville Dam spillway. The crews are trying to beat a Nov. 1 deadline and the Northern California rainy season, which once again will begin to fill the massive reservoir behind the nation's highest dam.
A dramatic increase this year in the number of oaks, manzanita and native plants infected by the tree-killing disease known as sudden oak death likely helped spread the massive fires that raged through the North Bay, a UC Berkeley forest ecologist said Thursday.
Alaska has long been overwhelmed by reports of children in danger. Now the state and Alaska tribes are preparing to try something that has never been done before: Turn the responsibility of protecting Alaska Native children over to Native people themselves.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday revealed his seventh budget, and for the sixth time, he is raising taxes and fees, moves he said are needed to keep stabilizing the city's finances and foster economic growth.
The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge now is accepting proposals at to identify technology that holds the promise of treating pain without painkillers and diagnosing, treating and preventing abuse and overdoses.
Gov. Roy Cooper said Wednesday there is a possible path to resolve a lawsuit that originated as a challenge to North Carolina's controversial House Bill 2.
Gov. Scott Walker has proposed cutting the Farm to School office, which advocates say has become the gold standard for the farm-to-school movement nationally. The move that would save $132,800 over the biennium.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement is suspending a recently adopted practice of reporting cities that don’t cooperate with federal detention efforts after the first few reports were plagued by errors.