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John Buntin

John Buntin

Staff Writer

John Buntin is a staff writer at GOVERNING. He covers health care, public safety and urban affairs. A graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, he is the author of two books, "Governing States and Localities" (CQ Press) and "L.A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City" (Harmony Books).

Google’s sister company wants to build the city of the future on Toronto’s waterfront, raising concerns over privacy and the role of government.
Pundits keep predicting the religious group's decline as a political force. But they may actually be gaining influence.
Is one of corporate America’s savviest companies reconsidering its reliance on subsidies, or is it seeking to avoid further regulation?
Like many other Sunbelt cities, Music City is trying to figure out what kind of place it wants to be.
Cities have become increasingly focused on doing whatever it takes to attract large corporations. But it's hard to govern a one-company town. Just ask Anaheim.
Scandals surrounding abuse and corruption are spurring cities across the country to adopt civilian oversight boards. But some argue they have the opposite effect that advocates are looking for.
Once seen as a laggard in public administration, the state is now a leader.
Jails are filled with low-risk offenders awaiting court dates. There's bipartisan support to change that, so why is it still hard to get anything done?
One of the most dangerous small cities in the country, an hour outside Chicago, is paying officers to live where their relationship with residents is most broken.
One Florida developer's battle to build affordable housing.