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Published as a part of the Smarter Government initiative.

Cities everywhere are reinventing themselves. They are reimagining essential systems, infrastructure and service delivery to promote growth, sustainability and enhanced quality of life. Cities are better integrating across functions, capitalizing on new insights, creating system-wide efficiencies and collaborating in new ways to turn challenges into opportunities while building the strong, differentiating identities that attract new citizens and businesses.

Combining world-class business, industry and technology expertise, IBM provides the integrated solutions that help visionary leaders achieve their objectives. Drawing on thousands of client engagements and proven strength across the breadth of city operations, only IBM offers the experience that today’s challenges demand.

What we do right now will define the future, and yet making decisions and acting with assurance has never been more challenging.
Workers can right size social services by getting a more complete view of the citizen, better understanding needs, risks and coverage gaps through the life cycle of care.
Help children, elderly, and their families get the services they need through life’s challenges. Using cognitive computing can help better serve families through challenges.
Major challenges in social programs include an aging population, youth unemployment, troubled families, and program integrity. Government agencies are searching for ways to introduce technology to strengthen their services.
Data and analytics are providing more visibility into how buildings can more efficient, productive and safe.
How automation and connected technologies keep communities safer.
Why High-Risk, High-Cost Populations and Illnesses Must be Addressed
How integrated oversight over enterprise facilities saves you money.
Analytics, social media and mobile technologies can maximize government revenue.
Capitalizing on these five trends will enable an education system to create transformation for the future.