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Brian Peteritas


Brian Peteritas is a GOVERNING contributor.

The wealthy Virginia county outside Washington, D.C., has been free of the nasty political environment home to its neighbors – until now. Causing the controversy is a proposed streetcar, which nearly a dozen cities are building.
Lawmakers in Kansas and several other states are pitching an interstate compact to streamline the process of building new power lines so that renewable energy can be added to the grid more quickly.
The number of people North Carolina had sterilized from 1929 to 1974 under its forced-sterilization program. The legislature established a $10 million fund last week to compensate any victims that come forward.
U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, responding to a reporter's question about concerns that strippers would get fewer tips if the COINS Act is passed and the $1 bill is replaced with a coin.
The amount of U.S. waste that is converted to energy through a chemical combustion process. By comparison, Germany converts 38 percent of its waste.
Attorney General Eric Holder, explaining the Justice Department's move to take Texas to court for discriminating against Latino voters in a 2011 redistricting effort and foreshadowing future action against other states.
There are benefits in city consolidations, but the payback may not be financial.
From the moment an IT project is launched, there’s political pressure from agencies to back off business changes that would deliver results.
Thanks to recent revenue increases, some states are unfreezing public workers’ pay for the first time since before the recession. But looking at pay levels rather than total compensation hides a great deal of the story.
New York City’s first bike-sharing program, which is the nation’s largest, has the potential to revolutionize city life -- and not just in the Big Apple.