Kent Hiteshew is a Senior Fellow at New York University's Marron Institute for Urban Management and a strategic adviser to Ernst & Young’s municipal restructuring and infrastructure advisory practices. He spent nearly 30 years on Wall Street in the municipal bond industry, where he raised billions of dollars in capital for public infrastructure and affordable housing, most recently at JP Morgan Securities.

In early 2014, Hiteshew was asked by the secretary of the U.S. Treasury to establish a new policy office designed to inform senior officials at Treasury and the White House concerning state and local finance issues, including the municipal bond market, infrastructure finance, public pensions and fiscal distress. Among other duties, he staffed the Treasury secretary's role as co-chair of President Obama's Build America Infrastructure Task Force to promote federal policies to encourage greater private investment in public infrastructure.

April 23, 2018

The Bipartisanship at the Core of the Trump Infrastructure Plan

Many of its ideas reflect a growing Washington consensus that more private investment is needed.