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Jonathan Williams is vice president of the American Legislative Exchange Council's Center for State Fiscal Reform, where he works with state policymakers, congressional leaders and the private sector to develop fiscal-policy solutions for the states. Along with fellow economists Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore, Williams co-authors the annual Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer Economic State Competitiveness Index.

Before joining ALEC, Williams was a staff economist for the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, authoring numerous tax-policy studies. He has testified before numerous legislative bodies, and was the recipient of the prestigious Ludwig von Mises Award in Economics. He received his bachelor's degree in economics, banking and finance, and business management from Northwood University.

Voices of the GOVERNING Institute

The Governors’ Encouraging Embrace of Sensible Tax Policies

More of them are calling for the lower rates and prudent spending that fuel economic vitality.

June 14, 2018
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Voices of the GOVERNING Institute

An Outbreak of Fiscal Responsibility in the States

Judging from what they're saying, plenty of the nation's governors favor limited-government, taxpayer-friendly policies.

August 26, 2016
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Better, Faster, Cheaper

Policies that Fuel Economic Performance

Data from the Tax Foundation and a recent ALEC study suggests that broad competitiveness policies can help fuel economic growth.

April 15, 2011
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