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State Government Employment and Pay Data

State government employment and payroll figures by job type: 2010-2011

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Governing compiled 2010 and 2011 employment and pay data by job type for all state governments listed in the database below.

There were an estimated 4.4 million full-time equivalent workers employed by U.S. state governments in March 2011, down about 0.4 from 2010. Monthly payroll expenses for all state governments totaled nearly $20 billion, up 2 percent for the year.

While most states cut full-time jobs, the data indicates a slight uptick in part-time government employment. A Governing analysis showed 31 states recorded either a higher percent increase in part-time than full-time public employee positions, or reduced part-time staff at a lower rate than full-time positions over the year.

The Census Bureau collects the data as part of its annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll, which records the total number of government employees and total monthly pay in March of each year.

Select a state or government function to filter the data below. Year-over-year percentage change is shown in the two rightmost columns. Please note that pay totals are for one month; not an entire fiscal year. Numbers for some state government categories were not reported.

For local government data, view our separate interactive chart with aggregate estimates for municipalities by state.

Mike Maciag is Data Editor for GOVERNING.
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