State Budgets: FY 2012 and 2013 Balances

The following map shows total state balances as a percentage of expenditures for fiscal year 2013. Click a state for figures from a NASBO and NGA survey for the previous three fiscal years. Please zoom out to view Alaska and Hawai.

FY 2013 Balance as % of Expenditures
< 3% < 5% < 10% < 25% 25%+

Another report published by the National Conference of State Legislatures finds a total of 29 states and the District of Columbia recording estimated fiscal year 2012 year-end balances exceeding 5 percent of general fund spending, the amount most rating agencies recommended. Only California and Washington state anticipated deficits.

Balances for Alaska, Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia and Montana were highest as percentages of general fund spending.

NCSL compiled the information in June and July 2012 by surveying state fiscal officers. The following maps illustrate year-end balances as a percentage of general fund spending for each state:

Fiscal Year 2012 Estimates

Year-end Balance as % of General Fund Spending
<0 <5% <10% <20% 20%+


Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia reported projected fiscal year 2013 balances of at least 5 percent of general fund spending.

Fiscal Year 2013 Projections

Year-end Balance as % of General Fund Spending
<0 <5% <10% <20% 20%+


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