Job Salaries, Wage Data by Metro Area

Wages vary greatly not only by industry, but also differ based on the local areas where workers reside.

We've compiled wage and salary data by metro area from the Labor Department's 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics. Select a local area below to view pay data for various job types and industries.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics

Interpreting the Data:


  • Wages shown do not include tips and overtime received.
  • While estimates for all occupations are generally not available at the metro area level, most job types are published.
  • For definitions describing listed occupations, please refer to the BLS Occupational Profiles page.
  • Survey estimates cover nonfarm full-time and part-time wage and salary workers, current as of May 2013.
  • Some data fields were not reported for select occupations.


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