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Obesity Rates for States, Metro Areas

Data shows obesity prevalence for U.S. states and metro areas.

The map below shows the most recent 2011 CDC data measuring adult obesity prevalence. The CDC calculates this measure using a person's body mass index, based off a person's weight and height.

The following definitions are used to describe whether an individual is obese:

-- Healthy weight: Neither overweight nor obese
-- Overweight: Body mass index of 25-29.9
-- Obese: Body mass index of 30-99.8
-- No physical activity: Respondents reporting doing no physical activity or exercise in the past 30 days

The CDC recently changed its methodology. While the definitions remain the same, cell phone surveys are now used and the data is weighted differently to calculate the obesity rate. Agency officials told Governing 2011 data is not comparable to prior years.

Mike Maciag is Data Editor for GOVERNING.
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