Mapping Historic City Halls

View an interactive map of more than 600 city halls throughout the country.

More than 600 city and town halls throughout the U.S. are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In this month’s issue of Governing, Editor Tod Newcombe writes how many local governments are struggling to maintain upkeep of these historic structures. Cities hit hard by the recession are faced with staggering budget shortfalls, and paying for repairs to city halls ranks low on their list of priorities.

Instead, some municipalities have attempted to repurpose the buildings or lease them to private companies.

Governing compiled a list of historic city halls from the National Register’s database into the map below. Click a marker to view information on each landmark.

Washington, D.C.'s City Hall and New York City Hall were among the first to be listed on the National Register. City halls in West Memphis, Ark., and Little Falls, N.Y., were most recently added to the list.

Minnesota is home to the most historic city halls in the country, with 24 scattered across the state.

The map includes locations listed as city, town or village halls.

Source: National Register of Historic Places. Please note that some historic city halls may not be listed.

Mike Maciag is Data Editor for GOVERNING.