Average Credit Scores by State

Credit reporting company Experian compiles averages credit scores for states from a sample of three million credit profiles, with scores range on a scale of 330 to 830.

Minnesota's average score of 718 tops Experian's most recent list. The U.S. average is 687, with southern states typically reporting lower scores.

Similarly, Mortgage Marvel, a mortgage-shopping website, analyzed more than 330,000 mortgage applications received in 2011 to compute average FICO scores. The mortgage-shopping website's data shows applicants' credit scores declined in most states last year.

California (754), Oregon (750) and Wisconsin (749) led the country with the highest Mortgage Marvel average FICO scores, based on a scale of 300 to 850.

It should be noted that neither credit agency's reporting sample is representative of an entire population.

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Experian Average Credit Scores
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The following 10 states topped this list of average Experian credit scores:

STATE Experian Average (330-830) 2011 Mortgage Marvel Score (300 to 850) 2010 Mortgage Marvel Score (300 to 850)
Minnesota 718 739 745
North Dakota 715 711 723
South Dakota 714 739 742
Vermont 712 740 744
New Hampshire 711 741 744
Massachusetts 710 740 744
Montana 709 726 741
Iowa 708 725 733
Nebraska 708 724 723
Wisconsin 707 749 747
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