New Mexico's planned spac ep ort is already attracting some new people to the Land of Enchantment.

The New York-based Rocket Racing League has announced that it's moving its headquarters to Las Cruces, NM. The league, which calls itself an "aerospace entertainment organization," says the state could begin seeing rocket races by 2007.

To hear New Mexico officials talk about it, it sounds like the economic windfall for the state could be sky high.

Gov. Bill Richardson, who announced his support for the spaceport last month, says rocket racing is like "NASCAR in the sky."

And the state economic development secretary said the the Rocket Racing League's move could brand Las Cruces the way NASCAR has branded Charlotte, NC.

Reports prepared for state officials say the move could bring $15 million to $30 million to New Mexico by as soon as 2010.

The League's move isn't a done deal -- it's contigent on the state's decision to build the spaceport, which would require about $135 million in state spending. The legislature hasn't signed off on that yet. But the prospect of the League's move surely can't hurt the spaceport's chances.

Image: Rocket Racing League