Traficant Hey, don't know if you heard, but President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's prison sentence. Depending on your perspective, it was either a slap in the face of the American judicial system or the appropriate reaction to an extremely excessive punishment.

Democratic State Rep. Bob Hagan definitely fell into the former category. Outraged by Bush's decision, Hagan fired off a letter to the president sarcastically suggesting he should also release ex-Ohio Congressman Jim Traficant from prison. (Traficant was convicted of accepting bribes and rackteering in 2002 and was expelled from Congress and sent to jail.)

After all, Hagan says, the bribes Traficant accepted from local businessmen were trivial in comparison to Libby's actions, which included "endangering the life of a CIA agent, lying to Congress, lying to a grand jury, lying about the war."

To Hagan's surprise, his mock suggestion garnered some real support: Traficant supporters began contacting him, backing his call for a Traficant commutation.

Hagan said he also was surprised to get several supportive phone calls and e-mails from earnest Traficant backers in response to local media reports about his letter.

"It was hard to explain to them my true motives," he said.