Wallet_ebdbca_r_1 Stateline has an interesting look at the governors -- and which ones have to tell how much about their personal finances:

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) is required to divulge more about her and her husband's personal finances than is any other governor in the country, while citizens in Idaho, Michigan, Utah and Vermont have no rights to view any information on their governor's investments or business ties, according to a new report.

The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit organization that does investigative reporting and research, compared the financial disclosure requirements for governors, executive branch officials and judges across the 50 states. States were ranked according to a survey that awarded up to 100 points for the amount of financial details they require and for how accessible the information is to the public. Twenty-one states that earned 60 or fewer points got a flunking rating because they require the governor to file little or no information on personal investments, property holdings, business affiliations and other financial interests.

So check out the CPI's list, and see how much dough your governor has -- or whether you can even find out.