Icecream_2 I'm not about to run through all our previous posts about official state products. Suffice it to say, if there's anything out there you can slap a state seal on, somebody's done it.

Except, apparently, for ice cream. Is it possible that not a single state in the union has an official flavor of ice cream?? (Seriously? Not even Vermont?)

Last week, the Missouri Senate approved the ice cream cone as the state's official dessert, but they didn't specify any particular flavor.

So what would your state's official flavor be?

My home state of Tennessee has a few fun possibilities:  Maybe Jack Daniels ice cream?  Or Goo-Goo Cluster? Ooo! Maybe RC Cola and a Moon Pie ice cream!

Ideas I can think of for where I currently live -- Washington, D.C. -- aren't quite as appetizing. Um...Donkey-and-Elephant-flavored ice cream? Taxation Without Representation Swirl? Marionberry?