OMG! What if your license plate had a swear word on it (or at least the slang-y approximation of one)? 

It's an issue in South North Carolina, where about 10,000 residents have a randomly generated plate ID that begins with "WTF." Until a few years ago, of course, those were no more than three random letters.

Today, though, WTF is pretty common Webspeak for, well, an expression of surprise:  "What the f...?"

The state's letting people with WTF tags switch to new plates for free, if they want to.

I guess it'd be doubly awful if "WTF" ended up on one of the state's forthcoming Christian license plates .

UPDATE: Uh, hi.  I guess I need to get my Carolinas straight.  As 13th Floor reader Chip points out, this occurred in NORTH Carolina.  Oops.