Tanning Slate takes a look at the arguments for and against governments' regulating tanning beds. It's a fairly conservative take on the issue. The author, William Saletan, warns that the "health cops" that came for cigarettes and then for sodas are now going to start "an overzealous war on indoor tanning."

Saletan goes on to discuss why both liberal arguments ("the industry is to blame") and the conservative arguments ("the only safe step is complete abstinence from tanning") are too extreme.

But he doesn't really present a reason states shouldn't regulate the indoor tanning industry (and maybe that's not his point). But what would be such a reason? Why shouldn't states regulate tanning (especially with regard to minors) as they do cigarettes and alcohol?

[Oh, and yes, I totally stole the title of this post from a recent West Wing episode. Thanks, WW!  RIP]