Pad4 The New York Times special "T Magazine" issue on summer travel came out this Sunday, and it includes a feature on the Artists Relocation Program in Paducah, Kentucky.  It's a nice little write-up about the program, which has enticed dozens of artists from across the country to move to a once-dilapidated neighborhood in this Western Kentucky river town.

One quibble, though: The tone of the article seems a little giddy and confused about the fact that this happened "in a red state."  Like, yes, okay, Kentucky might not be the first place you think of for a government-subsidized artists-in-residence program. But it seemed like an unnecessary distinction to me.

Anyway, I wrote about the Artist Relocation for Governing two years ago -- plus, there's a nifty little photo essay you can check out. Nice to hear that it's still going strong! (And, seriously, if you live anywhere near here -- even as far as Cincinnati or Chicago or Nashville -- you should consider a trip to Paducah to see this neighborhood.  It's really cool, and quite charming.)