Tourism officials in Fairfax County, Virginia yesterday announced a new marketing logo for the county: they're calling it "fxva." The new brand name also comes with a snappy new slogan:  "Fx marks the spot." Fairfaxcova_3

County attempts to boost marketing are nothing new, but it sounds like Fairfax may be taking this a little too far. Judging by the comments on the Washington Post's blog, some people seem to regard this marketing tack as a joke. One commenter said he first read the new logo as "fix VA."

It's an honest attempt to give Fairfax, one of the richest counties in the country, a makeover that's maybe a little hipper and edgier. But let's face it--the only way your county's gonna be considered hip and edgy is if Fox makes a drama about it.

UPDATE:  The Washington Post has more info, and the county's new Web site is up and running.